View pornstar database is more interesting than Gainsbourg film

8 Aug

There is a very good reason why prostitution is considered as the world’s oldest profession and therefore it would be unrealistic for anyone to expect that it is going to stop anytime soon. With time, prostitution led to the birth of pornography and, as technology continued to improve internet pornography bounced onto pornstars database like It is estimated today that the porn industry in the us alone rakes in more than 13 billion dollars every year, a sign that more and more people are enjoying pornography.

While in the past searching for porn, watching it or even just searching for a porn stars database list was a rather private affair that used to only take place behind locked doors in bedrooms, showers, toilets and the like, people are slowly but gradually become more brazen about the entire thing. Many have carried the habit to the workplace. If you do not believe it,
here is an interesting statistic- studies on the subject estimate that more than 70% of internet porn is accessed, watched or downloaded during the 7-5 pm time frame. This is the normal workday for most employees and is a clear indicator that there is probably more porn being accessed from the workplace than from any other place.
Considering the fact that that people who enjoy watching porn are generally harmless and pose no danger to anybody while they do so, it is easy to wonder why many companies impose restrictions when it comes to watching porn at the workplace. So to help you understand that better, below are three of the main reasons why employers do not allow their employees to search for database lists of porn stars while they are at the workplace.
Reduced productivity

Each minute spent on pornstars at the workplace is a minute that could have been used to do constructive work for which the viewer is being paid. It therefore follows that the employer will basically be paying for minutes that the employee did not work and creating loss for the company. To further compound the problem, porn addicts do not just spend minutes searching
for porn stars but hours and this will build up the company’s losses significantly over the long term. As if that was not enough, searching for porn at the workplace is a major distraction that keeps the employees from dedicating their full attention to the work that they are to be doing. So even if they actually get the work done, there is a high chance that they will not get it done the right way.
Company image

Although many people do it all the time, searching for porn is still not something that people want to see done in public. Which brings to mind a recent incident at the studios of one of the big news channels in the country where one of the technicians on set was caught on camera watching porn on his computer during a live broadcast. This, on its own, was a big dent in the company’s image but the uproar that followed only served to make things worse.
Unnecessary expenditure

If you are accessing or searching for porn from the workplace then it is much likelier that you will be using the company’s internet connection and not your own private connection. Considering how large most typical porn files usually are this will eventually result in a lot of wasted bandwidth for the company.